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Parts sales

We want batteries for robot in a hurry.
Batteries containing lithium are treated as dangerous goods by airmail and cannot be transported by air.
All domestic transportation will be shipped by a truck.
Delivery to east of Shizuoka will take at least 2 days.
However, we can ship them out overseas if you contact us in advance.
Is there inventory of robot and controller parts?
We have some stocks. But it may be out of stock when they are sold out.
Please contact us in advance.
I want to purchase parts for equipment other than robots, but I don't know the part names.
Unit drawings and parts list are submitted when the equipment is delivered.
There is a part name in the parts list.
In addition, the number in the circle is printed on the parts in the drawing. Please let me know the number.
* Refer to the sample
What will happen if the robot parts are discontinued?
Some parts are in stock even if they are discontinued, and we will only sell the stock.
If it is out of stock and cannot be obtained, we recommend updating to the current model.
* Please contact the sales department for equipment updates (servo updates).
What are the long lead time products (more than 2 months)?
It takes more than 2 months after receiving an order for motors.
Some manufacturers make to order, and it may take about from 5 to 6 months depending on the model.
Some racks, pinion gears, reduction gears, etc. take about 3 months depending on the model and type.
In addition, please contact us for linear rails and ball screws, it may take up to one year.
For long delivery products, we recommend that you keep them as spare parts.
If you have any questions about maintenance, please use the inquiry form below or check the FAQ page.