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Maintenance / Repair /Troubleshooting

What should I check first if a robot trouble occurs?

If a problem occurs, don't enter an operating area until the cause of the problem becomes clear.
Equipment (robots and units) may start moving suddenly with the power on.
First of all, please check the following items and let us know.

1. The situation when trouble occurs
  • Occurs when the equipment is in operation and the robot or unit is moving.
  • Occurs at startup after production starts.
  • Occurs during or after maintenance.
  • Occurs immediately after performing some operation.
  • Abnormal noise is generated by automatic operation and manual operation.
2. Eqipment condition
  • Robot hand or arm crashes equipment and stops.
  • Robot hand or arm crashes equipment and is damaged.
  • It is stopped in the activated state.
  • Power cannot be turned on off.
  • There is an abnormal noise.
  • Home-return is not completed.
  • It is hunting.
  • Operation does not work.
  • Emergency stop (abnormal) cannot be cancelled.
3. Equipment (robot) serial number, machine number, model, etc.


4. Display of teach pendant (or operation panel)
  • Error indication
  • Display status of servo amplifier segment in controller (or control panel)


We need to know the meaning of the error.

The error message may vary slightly depending on the controller model.

Error message list (excerpt from the specification manual)
  • HNC-3xx series
  • HNC-5xx series
  • HNC-9xx series
Where can the serial number (SER.NO) be found?
It is printed along with the model on the silver label on the robot and controller.
If you have any questions about maintenance, please use the inquiry form below or check the FAQ page.