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Company Profile

Company name Hirata Field Engineering Co., Ltd.
Date Established Apr. 1, 2007
Location [Headquarters]
〒861-1116 1-15 Fukuhara, Koshi, Kumamoto
TEL: +81-96-300-8510
FAX: +81-96-300-8511

[Kansai Office]
500 Kozutsumi, Yasu, Shiga; Inside the Kansai Plant of Hirata Corporation

[Kanto Office]
10-2 Hiraide Kogyodanchi, Utsunomiya, Tochigi; Inside the Kanto Plant of Hirata Corporation
Fields of business Maintenance, Retrofit, Remodeling, Parts sales, Training & instruction course
Shareholders 100% owned by Hirata Corporation
Primary Client Banks Higo Bank
Capital 10 million yen
Settlement day Mar. 31

Company History

2007.4.1 Separate the after-sales service division from Hirata Corporation.
Established Hirata Field Engineering Co., Ltd.
Opened Toyota Office.
2008.10 Started 24-hour on-call service.
2010.4 On-site service for LCD panel production plants started (~July 2019)
2010.8 Opened Sakai Office in Sakai, Osaka.
Opened Kanto Office in Utsunomiya, Tochigi. ( Inside the Kanto Plant of Hirata Corporation)
2012.1 Started maintenance in semiconductor field.
2014.2 Opened Kansai Office in Yasu, Shiga. (Inside the Kansai Plant of Hirata Corporation)
2014.8 Started a business in the medical field.
2019.6 Kansai office and Sakai office integrated.
2020.4 Headquarters relocation