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Parts sales

About parts sales

We sell production equipment manufactured by Hirata Corporation, maintenance parts for robots, and spare parts.

As the equipment gets older, it may become difficult to obtain parts due to discontinuation of production.
We recommend that you have spare parts in order to minimize the production downtime in the event of a production equipment failure.

Flow of inquiries and requests

1. Please fill in the required items on the "Parts Inquiry Form" below and send it by fax or email.
2. Our sales representative will contact you after receipt.
3. If the part cannot be identified based on the contents of the contact, the sales staff may contact you for confirmation.
4. Once the requested product has been identified, we will submit a quotation.
5. The document issued by the customer (order, purchase order, etc.) will be accepted when ordering.
If you have any questions about parts sales, please use the inquiry form below or check the FAQ page.