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Training And Instruction Course

Industrial robot special training

To work safely with our important partner, the robot.

We conduct "special education related to work such as teaching industrial robots" based on laws and regulations.

In the business establishments that have introduced industrial robots under the Occupational Safety and Health Law and Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, as one of the safety measures against the danger, it is the obligation to implement special education to the operators who perform the work such as teaching and inspection of industrial robots.

In order to prevent labor disasters, not only deepen the knowledge of safety, but also focus on the operation and maintenance methods of our robots that you actually use, so we believe that we can more reliably deal with the routine maintenance and failure corresponding.

In addition, for those who have taken the prescribed contents, we will issue a "Special Education Completion Certificate" to prove that they have accepted "Special Education Related to the work such as Teaching Industrial Robots".
* "Special education related to inspections and other work" will be held separately upon consultation.

Training date and time Please let us know the date and time you expect.
* Due to the schedule, we may not be able to meet your request. Please note.
* Please fill in the required items on the attached robot education application form and apply by fax or email.
Implementation location The training will be at your designated factory or our training room.
Standard schedule 2 days

Schedule "Special education related to the work such as teaching"


Time Training items Text
Knowledge of industrial robots
  • Applicable laws and regulations
  • Significance of special education
  • Structure / function
  • Safety measure
Safety essential for industrial robots
Knowledge of industrial robots teaching
  • Knowledge required for the work such as teaching / Work Method such as teaching
  • Processing in case of abnormality and precautions when restarting
  • Causes and countermeasures for unexpected and abnormal operations
  • Precautions when changing setup / Precautions when interlocking with related machines
Safety essential for industrial robots
16:30~17:00 Q&A  



Time Training items Text
  • Outline of teach pendant / function of each part / position data
  • Teaching / checking / data correction
  • System data / other various parameters
  • DI / DO signal / data storage
  • Operation training
Operation training
  (For 980 series controller)
Trouble shooting
  • Error confirmation method
  • Error message and countermeasure list
  • Maintenance function
Operation training
  (For 980 series controller)
Mechanical overview / maintenance
  • Robot structure / components
  • Lubricating, belt adjustment method
  • Parts replacement method (sensor, motor, battery, etc.)
  • Controller overview / maintenance
  • Controller structure
  • Component / Servo adjustment method
  • Parts replacement method (battery, CPU board, servo amplifier, etc.)
Mechanical equipment specification manual
Control device specification manual
16:30~17:00 Q&A  

There will be a break and lunch time in due time.

If you have any questions about robot training, please use the inquiry form below or check the FAQ page.