Company information

Message from the President

It is our mission to provide reassurance.

We provide "reassurance" through various after-sales services such as maintenance and inspection, repair, upgrade work, parts sales, etc., so that customers' production facilities that the Hirata Group has delivered all over the world do not stop, can be recovered quickly even in the event of an accident, and the performance can be fully demonstrated even if it is used for a long period of time. 

We will diagnose the production environment for the customers by our engineers with abundant experience, make improvement proposals to achieve more efficient production, and work to create a system that can satisfy customers by responding quickly to sudden problems.

We will continue to improve every day as a professional group of after-sales services that satisfy our customers, and to be a company that is useful to the society by providing "NON-STOP FACTORY"

President,  Kiyotaka Irita